A little history regarding our journey to our sweet boy from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We started the adoption process in March of 2013 as our hearts were drawn to orphans in the DRC, one of the most desperate places for orphans in the world where 50% of children age 0-5 die and unfortunately has the title of the rape capital of the world. At the time, we were told the process was about 8 months start to finish, we would have Kado home by Christmas 2013. In November 2013, the process was complete, all U.S. and DRC paperwork was completed and all fees were paid. On Sept. 2013, a devastating email came across our computer that stated that the DRC had put a ban on all adopted children getting an exit letter which was required for leaving the country (for various reason you can google). Our hearts were broken but we had no choice but to wait a year. Though it was heart wrenching, we waited and hoped for a resolution, believing we would have him home Sept. 2014, at the latest. As that date came and went, the next year we were lied to, jerked around, fed false encouragement, and asked to wait, wait and wait.

Finally in December, 2015, a way was made for him to come home. He has been home nine months and is doing extremely well. His English is fantastic, he is a first grader and is a very good student. Kado is adjusting very well to all of the new challenges that he faces and he takes them on like a champ. We just love him to pieces and we want to thank everyone who helped get him home including Hope4.5K! #oneless

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