Yisak Knox

Yisak with his Forever Family…

The Brewers

We began adopting from Ethiopia in 2014…. We encountered many obstacles, and in the end, had signed up with 6 different agencies, to finally land at the agency that placed us with Yisak… Agencies close their programs, and there is a lot of corruption in the adoption world… Moving forward to April 2014, we heard of this little boy, Yisak, with special needs, sitting in Addis Ababa…. We had told each agency from the beginning we were wanting to adopt a special needs boy, around the age of 2, so our current agency told us about him as an example…. little did they realize it would light a fire within us to bring him home! The Lord pressed that desire to adopt a special needs boy on our hearts long long ago, and we both knew this was him… each struggle we encountered had us questioning if this is truly what God wanted for our family because after all, when you have encountered such opposition you start to question everything…. But, every single time we placed things aside the Lord would bring it back to front and center in our lives once again, so we began to see very clearly that this was Gods design for our family…. and we knew all these years, were leading us to this point in time, in this situation to say YES to Yisak. Fast forward, we accepted Yisaks referral 2 days after hearing his story…. we acted on faith…. we had not seen his photos or read his medical and were given a very brief description….. BUT, We both knew he was our son…… A few sleepless nights, and the Lord gave us both a strong feeling about it, and we knew without a doubt we were to say, Yes. Saying Yes wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, there were challenges and continued opposition, but, we learned quickly that satan was trying to take down the very thing God had planned for Yisak and our family…. We spent 2 years and 3 months fighting, on our knees and with everything in us to bring him home. 3 trips to Ethiopia in 9 weeks towards the end, it was quite a ride!!!!! We had so much love, support and care from those around us, and are so thankful for organizations and grants that helped relieve some of the financial pressures that international adoption can bring. We are thankful for Hope4.5k for walking this journey with us….We are so pleased to see answered prayers, and thankful that no matter what, the Lord is always faithful. He is Who He says He is, faithful to provide, faithful to walk alongside us, in all areas He calls us to…. it wasn’t easy, like i said, and we face new challenges with his medical needs now that we are home, BUT Jesus has been there the whole time, carrying us, the whole way. We are so thankful to have the Lord in our lives…. He is so so good to us…. and we cannot wait to see what Jesus does in Yisaks life… it is quite a testimony already!


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